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Bespoke Your Everlasting Real Flowers


Bespoke preserved & dried flower designs to your desire are our goals

Everything in our online store can be customisable and personalised. 

You may request another colour theme, flowers type, 

additional flowers and/or add-on figurines.

You may also personalised it by adding name, initial, logo, icon and/or emoji.

Contact us via Live Chat to bespoke

by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner.

If you're looking for something not in the store,

you may enquire from us as well!

We are happy to create something new just for you.


Let's inspire each other




We put our heart and passion into helping people handcraft gifts with flowers. We understand it's the thoughtfulness and effort behind each gift that counts. Every gift is a visual representation of love and is treasured greatly.

Our range has moved beyond preserved flower bell jars to terrariums, bouquets, and keychains. We also explore using dried flowers and fresh flowers in SJÖ products to cover all your occasions - birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine's day, mother's day, graduation and more.

In late 2017, I felt loved and was surprised when she handcrafted a preserved flower bell jar as a birthday gift for me. Knowing that she lives with a mundane 9-to-5 job, I encouraged her to pursue her passion as an artisan florist. And together with my passion in branding, we inspired each other and started SJÖ.

SJÖ means seven in Icelandic. It is our birthdates and also our favorite number. We chose Icelandic because we like the minimalism of this country, which also fits our style.


We offer 24-hour customer support 7 days a week. You can contact us via:


We’re a small and enthusiastic team who is eager to answer your questions and solve your problems, whenever we are available.


We do this via multiple digital channels for the following reasons:

  • We can keep your information and support history, making sure that we have a detailed account of our communication with you.

  • We can share photos and documents easily.

  • We do not have a physical store yet.

  • We are working on our respective full-time jobs and SJÖ is our side hustle. However, your inquiries are equally important to us and these digital channels can keep us connected anytime anywhere.


Thank you for your understanding and HAPPY SHOPPING!


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